cute as a button

Why are fabric buttons so cute?! Probably because you can use them for cute things like hair pins, earrings, etc. These are such sweet gifts for friends and family. And what better than as a Valentine's Day gift?!

fabric button cover kit (I got these at Joann with 50% off coupons)
fabric (fat quarters work great)
bobby pins / earring backs
E6000 glue

Covering buttons is so much fun and really fast! First, cut out a circle of fabric using the template.

Place the fabric over the white piece and pop the button in (make sure fabric is upside down).

Fold in all the edges and place the button back on top.

Finally, press the button back in with the blue pusher.

Then glue the button to the bobby pin or earring back and allow proper time to dry.

Thank you for being so cute buttons!


Hugs and kisses

Who doesn't love hugs and kisses? I know I do! To prove it, I had to make this cute X and O for Valentine's Day! They would look super cute as a center piece, or on a book shelf or mantle. They can totally get customized to your decor and taste as well.

2 sheets scrap book paper
coordinating acrylic paint
card board X and O
mod podge
sponge brush

Gather your supplies. i purchased all of these at a local craft store for less than 10 bones.

Trace your X and O on the paper of your choosing. I went with the cross pattern for the X and the dotted pattern for the O.

Cut them out with some scissors. I had to trim around the edge so they would fit nice.

I painted them with the same color of acrylic paint.

Then I finally used the mod podge to attach the paper to the cardboard. I also did a final coat of mod podge to seal the deal.

I love how they turned out! For the apothecary jars, I used red and pink rose petals and foam heart picks. The little jar has a 3D paper heart I made here.


paper heart crafts

I have gotten way on board with Valentine's Day this year! I am getting a little obsessed with this red and pink holiday. I noticed for many of the decorations that I used paper hearts and red bakers twine. There were 3 crafts I made which are so cute and easy (not to mention inexpensive).

I picked out 6 different sheets of scrap book paper and cut out 8 hearts from each. I used the silhouette cameo to cut them out for the sake of my OCD (obsessive crafting disorder). The hearts are about 4 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.

For the first craft, I cut a few feet of twine and wrapped a heart around each mason jar. I added little fairy lights in the jars for extra sparkle.

For the second craft, I folded four hearts in half and glued the white sides together. This will make a 3D heart!

I hung these hearts to the chandelier using bakers twine. I love how whimsical they look.

For the third craft, I punched a whole in each side of the hearts and strung them together. And of course, I used bakers twine to string them together.

It would look gorgeous across a mantel! You could use any colors you like to customize them to your decor or taste.
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